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Emotional Resolution, EmRes, will detox and reset your emotional life. Recover the Joy that is your birthright.”

When our emotions direct the way we act, feel and think they become a prevailing force in our lives. Anxiety, sadness, fears and phobias, avoidance, feeling stuck are some of the emotional burdens we carry that steal our life’s enjoyment. And if untended, these emotions will eventually affect us in unconscious ways via procrastination, addictions and other behaviors and even poor health and chronic conditions.

First we need to accept that working with emotions is a normal and necessary thing to do. We are HUMAN. We have emotions. It comes with the territory.

At any given moment you can ask yourself: AM I CONTENT? It’s a yes or no question.  If your answer is NO, then you are experiencing a stressful emotion – even if you can’t name it.

Resolving our emotions, from large to small, returns us to true calm, reasonable, peaceful nature. We owe it to ourselves to find a way.

Emotional Resolution, EmRes

Emotional Resolution eliminates emotions felt by the mind and body
Emotions are felt and resolved by the body

We don’t need to be an unwilling servant to your disturbing emotions, no matter how it feels, it’s frequency or duration, or how long it’s been happening in your life.

Emotional Resolution, EmRes, is a natural, gentle and safe way to reset your emotional life to the reality of your current environment.

What’s an Emotional Resolution session like?

  • EmRes sessions are in-person, over the phone or online via Zoom
  • The session is like having a casual conversation with a friend.
  • You are fully conscious, sitting upright, hands-free in a safe space where you will be uninterrupted.
  • There is no physical contact and no need to recount personal history or details.
  • Sessions are 15-45 minutes for permanent results.
  • After the session, a follow-up is made to ensure progress and positive results.

The EmRes process guides you in accessing your body’s natural ability to resolve and dissolve any troublesome emotion. Through linking to a current, triggered episode of the emotion, the mind-body is reset. Emotional Resolution heals the emotional triggering permanently by eliminating the connections between the originating high stress event, the “stuck” emotion and the current circumstances.

Emotional Healing, not just another pretty coping skill.

Using the latest understanding about how emotions are created and experienced from the field of neuroscience, Emotional Resolution provides a means to resolve emotions that trouble us.

We don’t have to understand the original trauma or event that caused a particular emotion. During the session, there is no triggering or reliving of the trauma. You don’t have to tell your story or share personal details.

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Just to be very clear…

  • Emotional Regulation” is the process touted, in some circles, as the best way to deal with or control emotions by thinking or guiding your way through an emotional episode.
  • Emotional Intelligence” likewise is a person’s ability to be aware of, control, and express emotions appropriately, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Both emotional regulation and emotional intelligence are about controlling emotions, not resolving them. Controlling emotions may be a successful in the moment, but the controlled emotion will return when the same or similar triggering event occurs again.

Emotional Resolution is about removing the link between the triggering situation and the emotional memory. Once the link is re-synced, the emotion will not return in similar scenarios.

The changes are immediate and long lasting. Can you say:

Emotional Freedom, Personal Empowerment and Happiness!

Originally developed and used in Europe, this revolutionary process is used by more than 3,000 professionals around the world. And each month over 10,000 sessions authenticate these simple, but powerful protocols.

Emotional Resolution is complimentary to any and all medical treatment.

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