Coronavirus Stress and Uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought all our anxiety, fears and panic out onto the table in front of us. The stress is constant and mounting as we are told to “Stay in place”, “Stay 6-feet apart” and “wash your hands repeatedly”

We can’t get the comfort and support in the normal human manner of gathering and huddling together. The risk sickness is real. The financial impacts are real. Our lack of control is real. Excessive stress and worry can diminish our immune systems–this is also real.

But the constant push of stress can trigger overwhelming emotions in us that are not appropriate, expressive echos of past events that are not in sync with current reality.

Now is the time to resolve the fear and other emotions that are rising up in us. Heightened negative emotions will not help us navigate thru this global crisis. We need all the compassion and empathy we can muster! and work forward with minds that are clear of fear, panic, and anxiety.

Emotional Resolution, EmRes, can help us by removing the disturbing emotion, unbinding the triggers that are being held in the subconscious mind. EmRes DOES NOT use or teach coping skills for emotional regulation. Its DOES use the body’s natural capacity to quench the emotions that are “stuck” in us.

When the toxic emotions and their triggers are released, the mental fog blurring our mind is lifted and we can experience our actual reality with new clarity and focus. We can recognize what’s in our control, what we can stop worrying and obsessing over, and remember to reach out to friends and family for support on the phone or online.

If your fear and anxiety about any aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic has you wound up, I have an Emotional Resolution session specifically tailored for Covid-19 fears. This is a special offering exclusively for Coronavirus related emotions.

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Author: Sue Siebens

Sue Siebens is an intuitive holistic healer based in Dallas, Texas. In her practice, she uses techniques that work at a fundamental level, where the roots of the illness, fear and pain can be accessed and resolved. Sue teaches and blogs to broadcast and raise awareness about these new technologies, so that as many people as possible can find relief and peace in their life.