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Regulating Sense
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 by AL
Mastitis GONE!

It was the very early hours of the morning and I woke up feverish, achy, nauseous, and with symptoms indicating that I either had a clogged milk duct or the start of mastitis. I reached out to Sue and booked an EmRes session for that afternoon. Just several hours after the session I already noticed a slight change in the intensity of the symptoms and by the next morning, all symptoms were gone! Sue saved me a trip to the doctor and helped me avoid a likely round of antibiotics! I would book again in a heartbeat!

 by MB
Out of bed, getting things done

I'm having the best day! I didn't stay in bed [too much anxiety to get up]. In fact I was up and active by 7:30 am on a Saturday!!! I do believe I have more work to do. But I'm excited to improve upon what has already been accomplished.

 by RS
Fear of speaking in meetings

Working with Emotional Resolution has been a positive experience. I had an Emotional Resolution session with Sue for my debilitating anxiety when called to speak in large meetings at work. I was in a meeting today, no anxiety, felt great...and I was better able to listen and absorb the information. Didn't realize I wasn't before.

 by DD
Deep Emotional Healing

Emotional Resolution, EmRes, is truly wonderful … it WORKS !
Sue has helped me work on releasing emotions that have held me hostage for a long time !
She guided me through this amazing process , gently helping me to first recognize then feel , then release the emotion ! Each session ended with a “WOW! “ moment ! Truly life altering !

 by Anon
Rapid progress thru different levels of emotional healing

Working with Emotional Resolution, EmRes, has been a positive experience. The rapid progress allowed us to address different issues in each session with immediate results. The process, although in depth, is extremely easy and Sue makes each visit pleasant.

 by CB
EmRes is amazing

Emotional Resolution, EmRes is truly wonderful … it WORKS !
Sue has helped me work on releasing emotions that have held me hostage for a long time !
She guided me through this amazing process , gently helping me to first recognize, then feel, then release the emotion! Each session ended with a “WOW! “ moment ! Truly life altering !

 by PKG
Relief for joint pain thru emotional resolution

Recently, I was experiencing intense joint pain in my thumbs. I scheduled an Emotional Resolution session with Sue, and
to my amazement, was pain-free immediately after the session. I highly recommend Sue and this process for anyone that is looking for a holistic approach to resolving troubling emotions that can manifest physical pain and other issues.

 by LY
Asthma gone!

I was fortunate enough to come across Sue at a gathering we both attended. I have had asthma since the age of 5 (I am now 65) that requires ongoing daily medication and special care in certain parts of my life. She wasn’t kidding when she said she could help me-I am not only off my daily medications completely, but I save on average $85 in out-of-pocket co-pay expenses per month! Emotional Resolution [EmRes] is an affordable to body disorders! Even my lungs feel like they are stronger and healthier than with the meds!

 by PO
Rage within my PTSD RESOLVED!

I am an elderly woman who is in the process of working with a therapist to address PTSD issues.
I became particularly interested in Emotional Resolution [EmRes], as it addresses emotional behaviors. At the time, I was directing rage inwardly toward myself. That was what we addressed, and I was amazed to experience a total release during that 1 session. This has not returned and has been a great relief to me.
I did some research online, which affirmed that for a large percentage of people, this is a permanent behavioral solution.
I plan to utilize it again.

 by SK
Disarmed Trigger

The EmRes, Emotional Resolution, technique is a disarmingly simple and powerful tool for emotional regulation. I came to Sue to work on a pervasive irritation - something that happens frequently and I know that my response is bigger than the situation warrants. In less than 45 minutes, this particular irritant was completely disarmed. The irritant still occurs with as much frequency as before, but I have zero "trigger" to it. It's just another moment in my day-to-day life that's not in my control. So be it! Thank you, Sue!

All sessions and techniques used at Regulating Sense are on-request and with the consent of our clients.  Each session’s results will vary and there are no guarantees of  results or outcomes.