Emotional Detox

We need to release the toxic emotions that keep us bound up in order to get to the gentle and beneficial actions and behaviors that enrich our life.”

Emotional Resolution permanently resolves emotions, behaviors and somatic dysfunction like the following:

Respond instead of react with Emotional Resolution
Feel fearless when you resolve
emotional blocks that are holding your back.
  • Fears: Heights, darkness, water, speed, driving, taking the subway or trains, flying, being on a boat, large crowds, dogs, mice, snakes, etc, germs, blood, needles, clowns, death, going to doctor/dentist, etc
  • Traumas: PTSD, auto accidents, physical/sexual trauma and abuses, separation and abandonment, grief, divorce/breakups, birth complications, etc
  • Emotional Blocks: Unhealthy emotional patterns, performance anxieties, paranoia, procrastination, inhibitions, irritability, unhappiness, etc
  • Behavior Patterns: Unwanted habits of all kinds, anger/rage, violence, aggression, control and resistance, jealousy, self-doubt, avoidance and escape, OCD, stuttering, nervous tics, etc.  
  • Somatic Disorders: Often the body’s immune and repair systems are blocked from doing their work by silent emotions. Examples include asthma, eczema, rashes, back/joint pain and stiffness, sciatica, arthritis,  fertility, migraines, clenching teeth, TMJ, ailments of the ears, eyes and sinus, COPD, bronchitis, repeating and chronic sickness, any idiopathic disorder such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, etc.

Emotional Resolution is complimentary to any and all medical treatment

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