Emotions are felt and regulated by the body

Emotional Regulation with TiPi is a easy way to regulate an emotion on the go or in a 30 minute session in person or on the phone.

The TiPi association developed several protocols to help individuals, adults to children 9 yrs and over.

We don’t have to understand the original trauma or event that caused a particular emotion. During the session, there is no triggering or reliving of the trauma. You don’t have to tell your story or share personal details. 

Emotional Regulation with TiPi sessions recall recent emotional situations. By paying attention to the physical sensations in the body and observing them until they dissipate, the emotion is regulated permanently. 


Originally developed and used in Europe, this revolutionary process is used by more than 3,000 professionals around the world. And each month over 10,000 sessions authenticate these simple, but powerful TiPi inspired protocols.

Tipi is a French acronym for Technique d’Identification sensorielle des Peurs Inconscientes – Translated as: Technique for the Sensory Identification of Subconscious Fears