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Emotional Resolution, EmRes, offers the means to permanently resolve troubling emotions that affect us by paying attention to the definite, but often vague, sensations in our bodies, which are in fact the form of our emotions.

An EmRes session at Regulating Sense provides rapid emotional healing by helping you completely resolve a specific emotional situation or pattern that is affecting your life and health.

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How are Emotions made?

New findings in behavioral and neuroscience have found that emotion are not wired into our brains at birth or any time after. Emotions are predictions or guesses, grounded in previous experience, but triggered by current sensory information about what is happening around us, like what we see, hear, smell, touch and feel with our skin.

Emotions are an aggregate of all physical sensations held in the body that are linked to specific predictions about the present moment. This is creates the basis for our emotional experience. Fear, anxiety, anger, grief, jealousy, avoidance, PTSD, behavior patterns like OCD, stuttering and addictions and psychosomatic symptoms are all based on this link between held physical sensations and mental predictions about our current environment.

Our experiences are recorded on two levels: conscious (small capacity) and sub-conscious (endless storage). During time of high stress or trauma, we experience a type of amnesia in our conscious mind as it disconnects from the situation. But our subconscious mind records everything. During the disconnection, memories of the experienced physical sensations are embedded in the body as a sensory pathway. This is particularity true during pregnancy, birth and through infancy. These sensory pathway remain in place to be triggered by events as we go through life.

When elements of a past trauma are presented from the five senses, and the subconscious mind can link it to an embedded sensory pathway, it predicts a similar outcome, and instantly generates physical sensations. Most of the time, it’s a false prediction. But an emotion has been triggered all the same.

False predictions throw the conscious mind out of balance. It can’t reconcile the internal tsunami of physical sensations with the current external situation. The emotion becomes a tide-wave, that sometimes blocks out reason and clear thought–it just can be overwhelming and doesn’t make sense at the same time. 

Emotional Resolution, EmRes, is a natural and safe process to remove the subconscious link between the embedded sensory pathway and the memory of the past trauma. The emotion’s physical sensations cannot be reproduced after a successful EmRes session. EmRes sessions are conducted around the world with repeatable results.  

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Don’t have any “big” emotions in your life?

Remove your oppressive fears with Emotional Resolution
Remove your oppressive fears with Emotional Resolution

How about fear? Many times we act out our fear instead of “feeling” it. We don’t even realize we are doing it or we call it “our personality”. It’s the difference between “I don’t like it” and “I don’t like it because when I do, I get triggered”. There is a difference.

Here are 4 main behaviors that are reactions to fear.

  • Avoidance or Escape: What situations, or actions are you escaping from or attempting to escape from? Talking about politics, attending parties or social events? Who do you avoid talking to? Is it a pattern you don’t like or feel guilty about? Then resolve it. If it’s on your radar of things you don’t like to do vs a healthy boundary, then resolve it.
  • Aggressiveness: What makes you feel angry or frustrated. What makes you roll your eyes, respond with at snarky comment or want to punch a wall? It doesn’t have to be a big anger. What or who annoys you?
  • Inhibition:  What situations make you lose your ground? Where in your life are you frozen or stuck in place. Unsatisfying relationships, body build/parts, finances, career, and holding resentments, physical pain, anxieties and phobias all point to fears that can be resolved. as does procrastination: when do you want to do something, but can’t seem to get around to it?
  • Over-Powering, arbitrarily taking control: When do you arbitrarily impose your authority? Who never has ideas as good as yours. What situations do you always seem to be the boss of? – even if it’s not your “house”. When do you control yourself? When do you need to take deep breathes, have wine or beer to calm down after work, or go to the gym or yoga class to release stress? When is meditation necessary to restore your calm? Not saying there is anything wrong with breathing, having a drink, working the body or meditating, But when it serves as a pressure release valve, it’s covering fear that should be resolved.

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