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Emotional Resolution, EmRes, offers the means to permanently resolve troubling emotions that affect us by paying attention to the definite but often vague awareness in our bodies, which are in fact the form of our emotions.

An EmRes session at Regulating Sense provides rapid emotional healing by helping you completely resolve a specific emotional situation or pattern that is affecting your life and health.

EmRes Sessions

Emotional Resolution or EmRes sessions are used to resolve emotions via recalled situations.

For adults, teenagers, children from 10 years. One-on-One sessions can be done in-person, on the phone or online via Zoom. 

All work is done by recalling a recent-ish situation when the emotion was triggered. Our body has an innate capacity to resolve emotions, but we rarely give it the time or space for this mind-body reset.

The IDEA of working emotions can be intimidating. But Emotional Resolution sessions let go of trying to understand the exact origins and meanings of the emotion itself and work with the real-time emotional events that are happening in your life today.

  • You don’t have to name the emotion
  • You don’t have to know about or share the origin of your emotional, somatic or behavioral difficulty. 
  • There is no triggering or reliving of the trauma or event. 
  • You don’t have to tell your personal details or story.
  • You will remain feeling safe, clear minded, in the present, and in control. 

The emotion related to your recently triggered emotional episode will be resolved quickly and permanently.

Emotional Resolution, EmRes, sessions are conducted around the world with repeatable and upheld by thousands of sessions around the world. 

Sessions are tailored to address different circumstances

  • For Emotional Difficulties
    Sessions for emotional difficulties that result in fears (of anything),  anxiety, stress or anger and traumas/PTSD from life threatening events, auto accidents, physical/sexual trauma and abuses, separation and abandonment, grief, divorce/breakups, birth complications, etc.
    Such issues that are triggered, and re-triggered, by a current situations or events are usually resolved permanently in one session. If additional sessions are required for the same difficulty, they are free.
  • For Compulsive Behavior and Unhealthy Emotional patterns
    Sessions for the emotions that are associated with unconscious action. Your intention is xxxx and you end up doing yyyy. Sessions in this category tackle behaviors including, but not limited to unwanted habits of all kinds, anger/rage, violence, aggression, control and resistance, jealousy, self-doubt, procrastination, avoidance and escape, OCD, stuttering, nervous ticks, eating disorders, disassociation/narcolepsy, etc.
    After the initial session, you will see a reduction in the compulsive behaviors. Each successive session address another “emotional root” –the situations and circumstances that trigger the action — until they are gone.
  • For Chronic or Recurring Physical/Somatic Dysfunction
    Unresolved emotions, if untended for a long period of time may “dissappear”. But they are sure to reappear as somatic dysfunction of some kind. Sometimes lightly at first, then eventually emotional blocks become disability and disease as the emotion depresses the immune and repair systems and keeps it from functioning as it should. This presents as a injuries and surgeries that still ache, rashes,  asthma, eczema, back/joint pain and stiffness, sciatica, arthritis, fertility, migraines, clenching teeth, TMJ, ailments of the ears, eyes and sinus, COPD, bronchitis, repeating and chronic sickness, any idiopathic disorder such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, etc.
    Each session will bring some level of relief to the body. To be sure, lifting the depressing hand of emotion off the body’s repair system has an immediate effect — it can be amazing how fast the body responds! It just remains for the body to do it’s job with the tissue.