Release the Power of Emotions…for Body Healing

Our deeply embedded emotions, the ones stuck in our bodies from infancy and the womb, demand resolution. they will show up as those same emotions are triggered in our daily affairs. But if ignored long enough, they will prevent the healing and repair systems of our body from doing it’s job. We’ll get aches and pains, disease and syndrome, despite efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. Emotions once released will unbind those same repair systems resulting in rapid and amazing healing. I’ve seen it happen–I was stunned. Emotions are so powerful!

Most of us life our lives trying to escape emotions…well, all except the happy ones. So it comes as a surprise that emotions are present even if they are not actively felt. They are active and affecting us subconsciously, under the surface of our awareness.

So it’s not surprising that long held subconscious emotions will affect our bodies, grinding away at the weak points, genetic or otherwise. Once the emotion is lifted, the body knows what to do!

If there is pain today,
there an emotion is present today

The body has a strong will to be healthy and strong. It will make every effort to return to as impeccable a homeostasis as it can establish. We just need to peal off the emotion, some times in layers, sometimes all at once, and let it do it’s intended work.

The good news is that Emotional Resolution or EmRes is a calm, safe almost passive way to release emotions that are affecting the body. In a session to work on physical issues, clients are lead thru a protocol that connects the physical to the emotional. BTW, its almost never the connection that we’d make logically with our mind. Even syndromes and diseases that are asymptomatic and/or idiopathic can be handled in this way. Once the emotion is identified, the client briefly recounts a specific situation when an emotion was triggered and we resolve/balance the emotion.

I offer Emotional Resolution sessions in-person in North Dallas, Tx or on-the-phone.  Here is a link to schedule and appointment with me.

Letting Go of “IT”

How many times have we heard or thought to ourselves, “just let it go”?  Don’t be angry forever, let it go.  Don’t be anxious or fearful, let it go. If we could just wash it off in the shower, or cough it out like a puff of smog, that would be one thing. But we can’t seem to be rid of these unwanted emotions like sweaty clothes.

We want to forgive and forget, but we still remember with the same angst, the same pain, the same regret when something triggers that emotion again.

Often we are told to “feel your feelings”, with the implication that if we feel them correctly they will go away.  But what does that mean? Feel what and where.  Feel it through the tear and terror? feel it so completely that we drown in tears? Argh, so frustrating because it never seems to work.

It never seemed to work because we didn’t have all the instructions.

It turns out that resolving emotions effectively and permanently is a precise protocol. 

First you have to be in the emotion. Let the emotion pass or try to manufacture one and it doesn’t work. Then close your eyes and feel the physical sensations in your body.  Let these sensations evolve and change until they dissipate. This lasts from 2 seconds to 2.5 minutes. And viola! The emotion is gone.

It’s too simple really.  Its so deceptively simple that one can easily step off the “script” and suddenly your back to wallowing in fruitless ventures.

But when followed correctly it works. Amazingly, it works.

And sorry, this little snippet of the protocol doesn’t give enough information about what not to do.  You’ll need just a little more instruction or the assistance of a professionally trained person.

But YES, all you have to do is “Feel the Feelings”, but not the ones in your mind.

A big THANK YOU to Cedric Bertelli for bringing this work to the USA!

I’ve been working with Emotional Resolution protocols for almost a year now [since 2017].  I know it doesn’t seem like a very long time. But I’ve personally experienced and seen in my clients, positive changes that have left me surprised and astonished.

Emotions, behaviors and somatic issues that have disappeared and not returned:

  • Fear of driving fast
  • weeping in grief for two years; 
    separation anxiety/abandonment of dying family member
  • a sales person’s frustration/anger when caught between company and customer; sales person’s performance/making the numbers anxiety
  • anger when passed over for promotion
  • anger/frustration spouse’s behavior (many of these)
  • being uncomfortable in own body; forgiving an unforgiving self-image
  • fear of being killed/shot
  • sports performance anxiety and injury/recovery fear
  • Migraine
  • asthma; phlegm over-production
  • procrastination (many of these); avoidance
  • pain in joints and arthritis
  • family trauma
  • anger/rage at “nothing”
  • fear of meeting new people/making new friends/fitting in
  • fear and paranoia at work
  • idiopathic stomach pain after eating 
  • and more

It’s crazy how well it works!

If you have an emotion, behavior or chronic physical issue to resolve, try Emotional Resolution.  

I offer session in-person in North Dallas, Tx or on-the-phone.  Here is a link to schedule and appointment with  me.