SK, Jan 2018

The EmRes [Emotional Resolution] technique is a disarmingly simple and powerful tool for emotional regulation. I came to Sue to work on a pervasive irritation – something that happens frequently and I know that my response is bigger than the situation warrants. In less than 45 minutes, this particular irritant was completely disarmed. The irritant still occurs with as much frequency as before, but I have zero “trigger” to it. It’s just another moment in my day-to-day life that’s not in my control. So be it! Thank you, Sue!


Author: Sue Siebens

Sue Siebens is an intuitive holistic healer based in Dallas, Texas. In her practice, she uses techniques that work at a fundamental level, where the roots of the illness, fear and pain can be accessed and resolved. Sue teaches and blogs to broadcast and raise awareness about these new technologies, so that as many people as possible can find relief and peace in their life.