EmRes-Self – Detox and Balance Your Stressful Emotions

Learn to resolve your emotions for yourself by yourself with EmRes-Self classes

Learn to Resolve Your Unwanted Emotions class
A 1.5 hour class

Emotional Resolution for Yourself, by Yourself – Self-EmRes

The Emotional Resolution, EmRes, process for individual work is not just another coping mechanism like breathing or imagining. It works with the emotion that is present in you now, connects you to the imprinted emotion stored in the body and removes the triggering origin from the subconscious. The EmRes-Self way accurately accesses sensory memories activated in you in the moment and release the stressful reaction and integrates emotional response permanently.

EmRes-Self is immediately usable to all individuals that attend this short and easy training.

Class times and locations

Learn to Resolve Your Unwanted Emotions Schedule (Dallas, Tx, USA)

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Learn to Resolve Your Unwanted Emotion, Part 1

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Registration at the door --$30 fee
Sue Siebens

Prana Haven
107 South McKinney Street, Richardson, TX 75081
April 9, 2020 @ 6:30 - 8pm